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National Improve Your Office Day

Did you know that on Friday, October 4th, 2013, it is national ‘Improve your Office Day’? Staff and employees in offices all over the world are being encouraged to make their work environment a better place to be by making it more interesting, exciting and efficient. I guess it’s all being done with an aim to making you feel more like going to work and enjoying it while you’re there.

So, surely a clean and tidy office workspace must play a role here?

I definitely prefer it when my desk is clutter free and my bin is being emptied regularly or when the office smells clean and fresh, it definitely makes it a nicer place to work and I’m sure staff are much more productive.

Here are a few simple tips that anyone can do to make their office workspace a better place to be.

  1. Desk organisation: I personally hate working on an untidy desk and I find it very distracting and annoying. If you work from a computer, (as most people in an office do), then get rid of notepads, scrap paper, diaries etc, we don’t need them anymore! A computer will allow you to take notes, plan meetings and even play Hangman! Sync all your notes using something like Evernote and, as long as you have your phone with you, everything is at hand when you go to an important meeting or entertaining at a business lunch.
  2. Timeout: Spend ten minutes at the end of the day organising your desk and planning your work for the next day. Not only does doing this make me go home feeling relaxed it means I come into the office the next morning feeling ready to start the day straight away. It also means the office cleaners can properly clean your desk for you every day.
  3.  Pot plants: Offices can be very dull and boring places sometimes so I liven up my own desk with a nice flowering plant. I especially liked doing this when I worked in a previous job where my desk wasn’t anywhere near a window and the only light was from fluorescent tubes as it gave me something natural and real to look at.
  4.  Clean drawers: There’s nothing worse in my opinion than opening a drawer and not being able to find anything because is looks like a small bomb went off in there. Get a drawer organiser and keep things easy to find when you need them in a hurry.
  5.  Cables: Clean up untidy and messy cables by using those little sticky square things with cable ties to neatly tie cables along the underneath or back of your desk. The area under your desk should be clear to allow your legs and feet to move and stretch out and shouldn’t mean you are in danger of pulling your laptop across the desk every time you need to stand up.

We hope you find these little tips helpful. I guess they won’t work for everyone but they work for me and they make a tough day at the office a little bit more bearable.

About the author – Magda Lamming came from Krakow in Poland to Cambridge, at the age of 17 in 2002. Magda started Spotless Cleaning in 2004 and has never looked back. Spotless Cleaning started out as a house cleaner in Cambridge but now provides a range of different services including Office Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. Magda’s favourite thing in the world is eating out in Cambridge with her husband and 2 girls, Emily and Olivia, as well as looking after the 3 house rabbits and guinea pigs.

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