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Top 8 Germ Busting Tips

With Winter fast approaching we know we will all get a share of the inevitable bugs, coughs and sneezes that will be doing the rounds so I thought this would be a good time to write a blog on keeping tight control over those nasty little germs that can so easily get spread around the home.

Obviously we will never have a germ free home and I guess doctors and such like would say it’s probably better for us all that way but when we start to get coughs and colds it’s very easy to start spreading germs so I would like to give you a few simple tips to help stop the spread of germs around the home.


Step 1: Cleaning products

Let’s start with the cleaning products. Owning a cleaning company means I am buying cleaning products all the time and my Cambridge cleaners are using them so with this in mind I like to make sure the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. As well as using these types of products I also find that some of the natural remedies that people have been using for years work really well.

Step 2: Clean the important areas

While cleaning the whole home can be a very lengthy job it is relatively easy to concentrate on the areas that get used the most. Things like door handles, toilet brushes, kitchen sinks and worktops, chopping boards or remote controls and computer keyboards can all be wiped down with a vinegar/water solution which is a great natural disinfectant killing more than ninety percent of bacteria and more than 80% of mould and germs.

Step 3: Where germs hide

Kitchen cloths and cleaning rags are one of the worst places for harbouring germs, but they are the things you use the most to clean with. Ensure you always thoroughly wash and dry cleaning sponges and dishcloths between uses otherwise you will only be transferring germs from one place to another.

Step 4: Wash your hands

An easy one that we are all taught from a young age, always wash your hands! Cleaning your hands before handling and preparing food, after going to the bathroom or when you get home from work or a shopping trip will drastically help to reduce the spread of germs around the home. Don’t forget to teach the kids to do the same too.

Step 5: Quarantine

If someone does get sick and has a bad cough or cold you could try getting them to stick to only using the bedroom and bathroom for a few days. This could help reduce the spread of germs and an adult might even be glad of the peace and quiet of staying in a room away from the rest of the family while they are feeling under the weather, but I can’t see the kids sticking to this rule.

Step 6: Keep it clean

I keep antibacterial wipes close to hand at work and at home just in case somebody needs to quickly wipe their hands.

Step 7: Around the house

Wash bed linen, cushion covers and rugs and blankets on a regular basis to help prevent the build-up of germs.

Step 8: The bathroom

I’m Polish and I had never seen a carpet in a bathroom or toilet until I came to the UK. I don’t see it quite so often these days but if you do still have a carpet in your toilet or bathroom consider replacing it with floor tiles or vinyl flooring that can easily be cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning agent.

So, that’s my eight steps to helping you keep the home germ free. I hope you find the tips useful and if you have any tips of you own please let me know. Happy cleaning.


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